Actually I lied. But I have two related questions.

I have a Worcester Greenstar at home with a Honeywell evohome system (via a BDR91) and I'm about to install a Worcester external air temperature sensor.

My understanding is that I can attach the sensor, and configure the compensation curve etc. whilst continuing to use the evohome controller.

Question one: is that right?

I am also about to commission a Vaillant ecoTEC plus 630 system boiler, but using heat genius (based upon danfoss LC-13 TRVs) rather than evohome (because heat genius has occupancy sensors on a per room basis).

I also want external weather compensation, using a VRC 9535.

Question two - this is my main question: can I get weather compensation using the VRC 9535, without needing a VRC 700 controller (it seems in the UK, you can only buy then together).

It is a bit late to switch from the Vaillant, but I could if I really had to...