I've just been trying to set my Evohome system to holiday mode and it's frustrating!

The previous (Horstmann, I think it was) system that I used allowed me to select, in advance, a day to start and a day to finish holiday mode. It then started at noon on the specified day until noon on the return date. Simple and logical.

With the Evohome, the first problem is that how to set it for a specific period is buried in the small print in the instructions. (Keep your finger on 'away' in the quick settings area - I'd already tried that but obviously not held it long enough to be asked).

Then it starts immediately, so I can't set things in advance, I have to leave it 'till the last minute - and not forget in the kerfuffle of packing up to go. And it continues until midnight on the specified day (or maybe the day before, it's not clear to me). I think most people tend to leave and return during the day, so a midday changeover is much more logical.

Again, the technology seems to be ahead of the software design, I'm sure it could be much more flexible in lots of areas. Ho hum ....