I currently have a small Energenie solution which I use to turn a few sockets on/off via Alexa. Itís great fun and has really given me the bug for more. The single largest problem I have is that the system is fire-and-forget, meaning thereís no state information sent by the devices back to base, meaning I canít check whether somethingís on/off when Iím out of the house, and thereís no guarantee that a request ever reaches the intended device.

Iíd really appreciate peopleís input and thoughts on the consumer solutions available which include some form of guaranteed on/off (or confirmation it *didnít* work) before I invest in another solution.

Iíd like a solution which switches and/or dimms lights (i.e. not smart lightbulbs), UK mains wall sockets, and potentially heating also, all of which integrates with Alexa (Apple HomeKit would be a plus, but not essential).

Hopefully thatís not too much to ask without heading down the route of professional installations, but if thatís the only realistic route, itís an option if itís not cost prohibitive.

Thanks in advance,