Hi all,

after taking the plunge of first evohome and then deciding to go upgrade it to opentherm I'm having no end of issues.

I've got a Vallient boiler using a VR33 module and this interfaces fine with the Evohome opentherm interface - pressing the button switches between 90Deg and 10 Deg draw whichi I can monitor on the boiler.

However, I could hear the boiler firing a lot even though there was 0% requirement from the zones so I put a temp logger on the flow/return on the boiler, and I was right, throughout the night the boiler is pushing out between 40>60 Deg, despite only one zone being set at 17.5D needing a slight amount to keep it's temp, and certainly not all night needing a draw at these temps.

I tested the theory and have attached a photo of 0% draw, yet the boiler seeing Ebus target value of 56Deg.20180427_215355.jpg20180427_215335.jpg.

The signal from the controller to the boiler is perfect (5 flashing red dots).

In addition to this I've also seen another weird bug, where the kitchen being at 21.5Deg, setpoint at 10Deg, yet it saying it needs 10% pull from the boiler, see below:

I love the idea of this system, but at the moment it's seriously failing WAF and is buring way too much gas.

Are there any hidden screens (beyond the hold setting button for 3 seconds) where I can see more details about what is pulling/sending info where?