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Thread: Evohome - Boiler Randomely Turning On

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    Default Evohome - Boiler Randomely Turning On


    I have had Evohome installed since 2015, but I am experiencing situations where the boiler randomly turns itself on for a few seconds at time. The scheduler is set up for the heating to come on in the morning for a few hours and then in the evening again for a few hours. When the period of time has expired on the scheduler, the boiler stops and values adjust down to the set lower temperature. However, boiler then starts up again after about 15 minutes for a few seconds and then turns off. It can then this about 3 times in an hour, and then not turn on for hours, and then all of a sudden start up again. The temperatures show on the controller that they are at least a degree or more above the minimum.

    The things I have tried are an RF Check - this is all OK, and I have done a hard reset on the hand held controller. However, I have experienced a couple of times of values losing bindings.

    Has any one experienced this problem and how it can be corrected?

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    The temperature of all zones needs to be at least 1.5 degrees above the setpoint if the boiler isn't going to occasionally fire.


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    In other words, the system is working as designed.

    A proportional control system like this doesn't just wait until the temperature falls below the set point before doing anything, it will come on for a short time as the temperature drops towards the set point to slow the decent and avoid undershooting the target. Ultimately (if the weather is cold enough) once the rooms drop by the 1C that your set points have dropped, the boiler will come back on with a similar duty cycle as before to maintain the new slightly lower set point.

    Nothing to worry about.

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