For a particular room I need to get a remote sensor as the HR92 isn't in a great place for measuring.

Looking around I can see at least four different models of sensor. I don't particularly need set point adjustment only really need it to be a sensor, but there's no security problem if it can do set point adjustment.

  • DTS92E
  • DT92E (DTS92E bundled with a BDR91)
  • HCF82
  • HCW82 (HCF82 with adjustment dial)
  • T87RF
  • Y87RF (T87RF bundled with a BDR91)
  • There may be more

In terms of actually being a sensor and RF comms back to the Evohome controller, are they all just as good as each other?

Looking at the picture the T87RF looks to be physically smaller than the rest, and the DTS92E looks similar to the CS92 hot water transmitter which there's a number of threads here complaining about...