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Thread: Automatic Window Locks

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    Default Automatic Window Locks

    Does anyone know whether anyone makes an automatic window lock, so that I could have all my windows automatically lock when I lock the front door, and automatically unlock when I unlock the front door? I have just ordered new double glazing with Yale locks, and would really like to automate these if possible. There seem to be lots of sensors out there, which would tell me whether the widow was locked and whether it was open, but I haven't yet been able to find any locks (which seem to me a much better solution).

    Thanks - Rowan

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    This came up in the Idratek forum once. It seems to be a gap in the market, as no window/door manufacturer seems to produce integrated 'smart' windows or doors and there don't seem to be any after market products available either, other than simple "Is it open?" sensors or electronic door locks.

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    I think you'd have to integrate it with window closers though, wouldn't you?
    Otherwise you risk the lock being activated, but the window still open?

    I see this is being advertised now, in partnership with Yale. Maybe these could be adapted to windows?


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