Hi all, I am doing a total house refurbishment and the builder will put in a new heating system from scratch soon. I am planning the following and since my builder is not very familiar with EvoHome I would like to get come advice:

1, all upper floors will have radiators fitted with HR92, perhaps except one bathroom where I will leave the towel rail fitted with a manual TRV.
2, whole groundfloor will have wet UFH, divided into 3 zones, controlled by a single manifold and the evohome underfloor control.
3, unvented cylinder to store hot water.
4, using S plan.

Can you please advice which boiler, cylinder to buy that work nicely with EvoHome?

Also my understanding is that the radiators will be controlled by HR92, while HW and UFH will each be controlled by a zone valve, what will happen if all three or two of them (radiators, HW, UFH) request heating demand at the same time, what will happen? Will there be some kind of priority automatically managed by EvoHome?

Thanks very much.