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    Apologies for what will undoubtedly be a repeat question, but search as I might, the clarity I need seems lost in advertising.

    My existing system measures Gas consumption (Reed), Raw Water Tank volume (ultrasonic), domestic water consumption (V200+inductive fet sensor), Shit Tank capacity (ultrasonic), Temperatures in all Zones (DS18B20), and will shortly be joined by Power metering, all done over 433MHz without a single glitch for the last 9 months, the only connection to WiFi being the last leg from the Pi3 controller to the laptop or Android device.

    From my simplistic perspective the Buderus combi boiler is working just fine turning down when return flows are within paramaters, my problem is finding a TRV for the radiators, essentially a normal thermostatic that can be remotely adjusted to a new target temperature, viz - not having to go upstairs or wherever and turn the knob... I don't mind the exercise, just baffled why it is so strange a problem, and the advertising blurb bluntly obscures it all..

    Viz - Are all the current crop of radio TRVs purely valve positioners responding to a local set point, or there any which are hybrids of the traditional thermostat with remote setting.
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