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Thread: Infinite Prime Help needed

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    Default Infinite Prime Help needed


    I have an Infinite Prime alarm ( Pro installed 5years ago).
    Alarm worked fine till I had to replace batteries in 2 PIRís & a door mag. Also install/reg a Infinite w/less keypad, & a Infinite W/less smoke detector .
    All were registered/tested successfully, which pleased me no end , as I am a newbie.
    Trouble was, only the control panel speaker would work, & not the wired/wireless siren,
    So followed the INF-WES (w/less siren. Itís also wired to 12v transformer) reg instructions, & re-registered the siren. Which worked fine, sound & strobe.
    But then when I ran tests in Services(interface, Walk,transmitters) nothing worked, also all the Zones , W/less keypad, & W/less smoke alarm had been de-registered.
    I noticed (belatedly) that at the top of the INF-WES install instructions it says ďdo not install the siren until registration & testing is complete ď
    So my question is do I disconnect the backup battery & 12v transformer(so the INF-WES is not connected to control panel) before re-registering & testing all zones, & devices?
    Then re-install & register the siren.

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    All sorted, I didnít read instructions correctly.

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