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Thread: Total Connect = Apparent Total Failure

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    Default Total Connect = Apparent Total Failure

    I have totally been unable to log in.

    TC failed to recognise my password,

    I asked for a reset, and followed the reset.

    Even when this has been done TC still does not recognise me.

    This might be related to my expanding the wifi network at home by replacing old Devolo dLAN® Powerline network extenders with AmpliFi mesh kit.

    This had, I thought, gone smoothly with no problems with Ring door bells, Sonos sound system, and a myriad of other kit all of which connected to the new WLAN. The EvoHome controller has connected and shows 4 bars, but access via Total Connect seems impossible. It appears to accept the username & password but after a few seconds they disappear from the log in screen with no rejection of ID,P/W or other failure message.

    I wonder whether the recent planned maintenance has any bearing, as when it the maintenance was completed the heating came on, although it had been switched off for months, I tried to turn it off from my Android 'phone, but this generated a failure mesage, and I turned it off, without further thought from the controller.

    Any ideas please?

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