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Thread: EvoHome driving electric underfloor heating

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    Default EvoHome driving electric underfloor heating

    Can anyone confirm that using the “Honeywell Single Zone Thermostat Y87RF2024“

    Will allow me to directly replace my current four electric underfloor heating controls, and NOT fire the boiler but just trigger the 1,2,3,4 zone electric heating when needed?

    (I know that I will need to buy four of these!)

    Also with the current system the temp sensor is embedded in the floor - Any ideas on where nest to place the thermostat, on the floor, just above the floor etc?

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    The BDR91s included in the thermostats cannot control your electric underfloor heating directly. You will need to use a contactor, capable to handling the current

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    Hi - FYI I've just put my evohome electric underfloor heating experience here:

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