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Thread: Evohome firmware

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    Question Evohome firmware

    Hello all,

    I have an Evohome UFH system. When I long-press on Device Settings, I get the "evotouch" screen and two version lines:

    Application Software Version: 25 Jan 16 2014
    Bootloader Software Version: 6.0 Aug 27 2013

    My system was installed in the UK in 2014. It includes:
    * a wireless touchpad system viewer (where I got the above numbers)
    * a number of room thermostats ("DTS92E1020" according to the sticker inside the battery compartment)
    * An RFG100 wireless base station with Ethernet ports
    * An HCC80R controller next to the manifold

    It DOES NOT have a BDR91 Wireless relay box. The installer, in his infinite wisdom, decided to skip installing it and instead ran a wire from the HCC80R directly to the boiler to call for hot water.

    In this video on YouTube discussing the 2018 firmware update, the System Information screen looks different from mine. Instead of Bootloader, it lists the "WiFi Software Version."

    My questions are: should my system be running the 2018 firmware? Even if not, can I update my firmware at all from the 2013/14 versions? (They seem to be pre-KRACK at present.) Also, is there any way to find out what firmware versions are running on the RFG100 and the HCC80R? Do those have firmware updates?

    If the answer is that I can't update my firmware at all, then which pieces would I have to replace in order to get a system which is updatable?

    Thanks in advance!
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    The short answer is no, you cannot get any firmware updates for your Evotouch.

    Yours is the old version without built in Wifi and although there were a couple of different firmware revisions they were never field-up-gradable, at least not by end users.

    The firmware updates discussed on this forum all apply to the new Wifi version of the Evotouch, which does not require an RFG100.

    KRACK is a WPA Wifi exploit - your Evotouch will not be vulnerable to this because neither the controller or RFG100 use Wifi! So if that is your main concern, rest easy.

    However if you are wanting future software updates and functionality you would need to replace your old controller and RFG100 with the new Wifi model.

    All other devices except an outside temperature sensor unit are compatible with the new model of controller although you would have to configure and bind everything from scratch.

    A number of people on this forum upgraded their systems to the new Wifi controller when it came out. I started with the Wifi model as it had already come out before I bought my system.

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    I am one of the unlucky ones who bought the Evohome system + Gateway in 2015, just a couple before the WiFi version was available here in Germany.

    I can not understand, why the end user is not able to install FW upgrades. Man, even my CD player does support FW upgrading via USB!

    Retrospectively, the THR092HRT are good piece of hardware. But I am not satisfied with the evohome app ecosystem in general. An unreliable iOS app which does crash / forget its login data constantly. System failures like the mess today. Kludges, where I need to run a homebridge server to be able to use Apple HomeKit with the system at all.

    Honestly, before giving Honeywell extra money, just to be able to get FW upgrades with the latest and greatest features (and still no HomeKit!), I will switch completely to a true HomeKit system like Elgato Eve.

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