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Thread: worester bosch 26cdi not heating up correctly.

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    Default worester bosch 26cdi not heating up correctly.

    i have a 26cdi extra boiler. having a few issues with this boiler recently.
    the pump died and automatic air vent was ejecting water everywhere so i've replaced these 2 parts last month and all has been fine

    but i've noticed the boiler although it heats up it does'nt stay on for longer than 5 minutes. the rads are semi warm and boiler seems to cut off the gas and just sits with the central heating light on, 10 minutes later the gas comes back on for a few minutes and switches off again. this is with the boiler set to max or 3.

    if you set the boiler to 1.5 or below, it just constantly fires up the pump and switches off again, while make alot of clicking sounds like a reley or something. it will do this constantly until you set it to 3 again, where it fires up and stays lit for 5 maybe 10 minutes and then switches off again.

    my pressure is sitting at 1bar. the boiler is quiet with no knocking, it just won't stay on for long.

    any ideas?

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    Yes Get A Corgi Registered Engineer To Check It For You And Stop Touching It Yourself!

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