Hi all,
Just finished the extension to my house which meant adding another 2 zones to the ufh. As it was previously 1 zone, I fitted a HCC80R, 2 more thermostats and evohome controller.

The radiators are controlled via BDR91 and 2 port valve. UFH also has a BDR91 and 2 port valve.

Both BDR91s are wired through a wiring center to open/close valves and fire boiler independently.

My problem is I am unable to get the evohome to just control the radiator BDR91 without it also opening the UFH BDR91 as well, and vice versa. I have (I believe) bound 1 BDR91 to radiator zone (the one that came with the evohome) and think the other to the HCC80R.

Don't know where I have gone wrong. Help much appreciated.