This has happened twice now and I'm scratching my head a little... I've been running Evohome very happily for a few years now and I don't think anything at all has changed my end so I'm a little lost as to why this has only just started happening. It cannot be readily reproduced either of course, but basically this happens:

  1. I set a new temperature (permanent override or timed override) through the phone app, the API or the web site
  2. It is accepted and I can see it in other places, i.e. if I set it through the app I can see it on the web site and poll it through the API
  3. The wifi controller does not update, i.e. it will continue to show the "old" set point...and as such the heating never comes on

This morning the bathroom was set to 10deg permanent override. It being rather chilly, I set a new target temperature of 23deg. The screenshots I have attached clearly show that the website has updated with the new value, but around 30 minutes later the controller still hadn't updated. It DOES look like it had communicated the actual values since the ones displayed on the WebUI were accurate. I didn't get an email to say that "remote implementation of schedule had failed" or something to that effect - I vaguely remember getting those in the past when there was an issue.

This has happened twice now. The first time, I rebooted the controller and when it eventually came back the issue was gone, but of course this could have been a complete red herring and time alone might have addressed the issue. There are no faults recorded in the log book.

Anybody have any thoughts as to what might be going on here?

phone app.jpgcontroller.jpg