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    Dear All

    We have seen some significant appetite to understand more about evohome. It's great to see the community embracing the need to get better control along with starting to explore engineering and physics foundations of home heating (not just confined to evohome)

    The number of posts, discussions and even community members having web cams pointing at their BDR91 demonstrates a fantastic appetite to know more.

    In response to this we are attempting to deliver the following shortly

    ## evohome whitepaper ##
    Not its formal name, but as good as any. A deep dive attempt at explaining evohome, how it behaves and why. This will have solid foundation in some of the proven engineering principles, backed up by the findings of the Strathclyde Energy research unit, along with whatever else we can find which will help.

    ## Web Chat with the inventors & engineers behind evohome - TBC ##
    Whilst the document above will answer many questions, we dont expect they all will be covered - so we are planning a AMA or web chat session, where all are invited. So if you wanted know how to tell if you system is oversized, or why evohome throttles the boiler rather than letting it cool down - come and ask.

    More information soon. | I work for Honeywell. Any posts I make are purely to help if I can. Any personal views expressed are my own

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    Allrighty. Good stuff.

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    Great. Quite an exercise as presumably they will trawl through all the thoughts and comments on hear and address/include them.

    I wonder whether Homeywell never anticipated there would be quite a number of self installers? Yet it is designed for that and not rocket science if the manual was clearer.

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    I'm very interested in the described whitepaper, however it seems the whitepaper was never posted. Does the white paper exist? Is it possible to download the whitepaper?

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    Damn you, cleaudevink! I thought this was a new post!

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