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Thread: Evohome - Fitting HR92 to Chrome Towel Rails?

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    Thatís why I mentioned the time itís been installed the temperature is set to 21į and it maintains that temperature perfectly never too cold in the bathroom, so I conclude it is measuring the convected air temperature rather than radiated heat. Honeywell do sell the valves used for the HR92 futying not cheap at £85 but very high quality. It all works.

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    Ah right, so a little different than the HR80. In the HR80, the sensor is also on the PCB, but the component legs are kept long to allow the sensor to come up close to the slots in the front, just above the display and below the wheel.
    However in any case, I would have thought with the front of either the HR80 or HR92 facing, what could be, the hottest rod of the radiator wouldn't be a great idea.

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