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Thread: temperature measured by evotouch is bit higher than usual?

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    Default temperature measured by evotouch is bit higher than usual?

    I observed the last two days the temperature measured by evotouch is around 25 degrees, which I am sure it is not real room temperature.
    We have unusual weather here in Dublin with temps around 18-20 degs now, but I do not believe it might be the cause.

    the unit is wall mounted and when i look closer I can feel bit of warm coming from the unit.

    it is not hot, just bit warmer than the room.
    unit is a month old.

    I checked batteries, seem fine.

    do you know what might this might be?

    the graph attached - green draw is temp reported from evotouch. do not mind the spike uesterday afternoon - it we me messing with sensor.

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    Didn't we just cover this in another thread ?

    The two spikes are obviously when the unit is being held, other than that I don't see an obvious problem ? If the weather is warm it's quite possible the room has gone over temperature from heat from other rooms, cooking etc.

    Is it a hallway or somewhere else ? My Evotouch is on the wall in the hallway and is used as the zone sensor, here is what I see last night and today: (also unusually warm weather)


    The hallway often goes over temperature due to heat from other rooms such as the nearby kitchen as the door to the kitchen is usually open. I have no reason to disbelieve the results it gives.

    Internal heat from the unit only raises the temperature reading by 1deg C in my experience, and I have corrected for that using the internal calibration adjustment in system settings until it agrees with an independent thermostat. (-1.0C)
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