I'm looking at installing Evohome as part of a large house renovation. I'd like to control some wet underfloor heating in a slab, where the flooring is going to be amtico or some other vinyl. These tiles can only be heated up to 27 degrees but it seems Evohome doesn't have a native facility for adding a floor temperature probe.

I've seen it suggested that you can put a second floorprobe specific thermostat "in series" with the evohome thermostat, but I don't really know what that means. This Honeywell FAQ document also suggests it is possible. https://ensupport.getconnected.honey...rfloor-heating.

1) Has anyone any experience of using a floor temp probe with Evohome? The UFH, boiler and thermostats will all be bought new, so if there's a system that works then I could probably get it.

2) Has anyone got Evohome running with UFH and vinyl without using a floor probe? It has been suggested that you just need to set the flow temperature in the UFH to a low enough temperature so that the floor never gets that hot. That makes me nervous given the cost of replacing the floor if you accidentally "cook" it.

The Evohome system will also be controlling a load of radiator zones via TRVs, and the hot water.

Any assistance gratefully received.