hello everybody, sorry if it's been already answered. i've been searching but apparently i couldn't find something on my particular case.

i just bought the flat next to mine. now that i'm renovating i would like to install a heating system. as is not a very insulated apartment, i'm thinking of radiators and not undlefloor heating.

as i would like to have two different zones (Day/living and night/bedrooms) how would i seutup plubing? as i understood with evohome you don't need zoning as the single radiator will call for heat, but still i would like to have two separate circuits just in case i would need to separate the flats again.

in such a case could i setup two zones (one per flat) and how would evohome work? would i need two different thermostats?

and now that netatmo and tado also have smart valves would they be a better option than evohome (they are nicer)? would they need two thermostats?

Thanks in advance