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Thread: Rugby (Radio) Controlled 13A timer

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    Default Rugby (Radio) Controlled 13A timer


    I'm looking for a "13A plug in timer" that is "radio controlled" by the Rugby MSF time transmitter.

    Does anybody know if this exists anywhere?

    If not, does anyone have any ideas how I could put together a "plug in timer" that keeps accurate time and changes between GMT and BST automatically.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Default Re: Rugby (Radio) Controlled 13A timer

    Appliance Module and HomeVision. :wink:

    It wont be cheap but you didnt specify any budgetry restraints :lol:

    Sorry, dont know of an "off the shelf" solution.

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    Default Re: Rugby (Radio) Controlled 13A timer

    Definately a HomeVision controller. You can get the controller to automatically re-adjust its time everyday from 0.01 to 50seconds if need be. This may take a while to get right but should produce quite an accurate clock.

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