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Thread: Wireless network congestion?

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    Default Wireless network congestion?

    I've just read the AH news article
    which said that congestion in the 2.4Ghz wireless band is likely to become an increasingly big issue.

    This prompted me to ask whether others have encountered any problems; I discovered yesterday that my wifi laptop seems to interfere with the wireless game controllers i have on my xbox - if i start the xbox when the laptop is on and connected to my 11G router, only 1 or 2 of the wireless controllers will work; without the laptop running, all 3 controllers work fine...


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    Default Re: Wireless network congestion?


    It will be an issue for some, however as the technologies develop they will probably find more ways around the problems. Have a look at the comment posted at the bottom of the piece you reffered to..



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    Default Re: Wireless network congestion?

    A colleague has experienced some interference. One of his wireless devices (laptop) causes interference on his video sender. I believe that he managed to sure this by setting the two systems to use channels at opposite ends of the spectrum. He also has wireless XBox controllers, although he hadn't reported any issues with those.



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