Hi - Ive used EvoHome since 2012 - originally the greyscale controller, currently (since 2015) the colour display with separate Gateway. I was on the Honeywell's EvoHome course last week to pick up some tips. I am planning some building work and refurbishment, and the new electric heating zone feature has attracted my attention because I have a few rooms that are remote from our wet heating, and perhaps might be candidates for the new feature. I'm thinking of using y87rf2024 stats with BDR91s, and maybe a contactor for loads more than 5A. Anyone here had experience of this type of set up?
The Honeywell course cost 250, but you get the latest controller and 4 x HR92s plus a chance to chat to others about Evohome and play with the kit. If I can sell my old controller and gateway for 50 or 60 I'll have just about broken even on the day.
Also, anyone know of quick/easy ways to transfer settings from my existing controller to the new one? I mean schedules and binding info - I'd love to be able to clone it onto the new controller, but I bet I'll have to start from scratch!
I have the Honeywell outside temperature sensor included in my current set up - it lets me keep an eye on my greenhouse! I got the sensor in Germany, and don't think it was ever sold in the UK. Does anyone know if it can be installed with the latest controller, or has the internet temperature feature made the stand alone sensor obsolete? There seems to be exceedingly clever folk on this board, so I'm hoping for some hot tips!