In my home office I have a new, large vertical rad (9000 BTU I think) with an HR92 set to 19C. It's not behind a sofa or anything but it has huge issues reporting the temperature correctly. Today my desk thermometer says it is 15C but the HR92 thinks is is 20C and has turned off. It seems the moment the rad comes on, the unit heats up and on cold days, the room doesn't get warm.

Whereas in the summer when the ambient is perhaps 17C, the room was sweltering and I basically turned the valve off... which is the exact opposite of the point of the evohome setup!

I've given up and ordered a separate thermostat but that's another £70 to make the thing do what it surely is supposed to anyway. It's not like the radiator is stuck behind a sofa, though my heating system does run very hot to get enough BTUs out (traditional victorian house so we need a lot of heat).

I just wondered if others massage their settings summer/winter, or just leave it on in the summer and find it works smoothly.