I have just installed an EvoHome system and I'm having some problems with one of the zones.

The zone in question is the kitchen and utility room. There's 1 radiator in the kitchen and 1 in the util room. At the moment, the kitchen is quite cold and the util room is hot (since the tumble dryer has just been on). I've set this zone as multi-room and had understood that each radiator should control the draw of heat separately. However, despite the temperature of the zone being set to 20 degrees, both radiators are on. The system is reporting its 24.5 degrees in the zone (its hot in my util room, but I don't think its that hot). Also, the radiator in the kitchen (which this morning was displaying the temperature of the kitchen) is now also saying its 24.5 degrees - no way is it that hot in there.

I'm a bit confused as to whats going on! Any help would be appreciated.