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Has anyone any idea of what they're up to? I don't do Twitter so haven't seen their postings but I can't envisage what they would be doing that would take so long to accomplish.
I can only guess, for Honeywell, for some reason don’t want to tell us, but I imagine it is an integration of their various home products. I have Evohome Heating and Evohome Security. Yes I can access both in the standard app but it’s a pain to do so and the standard up cries out for an upgrade. I use the European site for my security as it provides more data than the app does. Then there is their newish Home product and a different app for it. It all points to a crying need to integrate all into a decent app that looks nice and competes with others and also works with Apple’s HomeKit.

Perhaps the answer about what they are doing is in the email we received. The heading says “Planned Maintenance of Honeywell Home Services / Total Connect Comfort”. That is two different services. Common sense says put all together and improve the functionality of all. But sense is not common!

I also am not a Twitter, nor Facebook, user but you can access some stuff even if not a subscriber. The following is the link to the Twitter page: