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    Quote Originally Posted by Karrimor View Post
    On Honeywell's twitter feed, there are quite a few complaints about the app not working.

    "App and website do not agree with the physical unit. "
    The fun and games never end it seems! Now I seem to be having an issue with the iPhone app and website reporting set points that don't match my schedule:

    Wrong setpoints.jpg
    According to this my heating and hot water have been on all day while I'm at work when it shouldn't be! Everything should be off today with one exception - I set the Living room to a manual override of 23 degrees all day to finish drying out carpet that has just been cleaned. So that 23 degree override to 8pm is correct. Every single other zone is wrong and should be 5 degrees and hot water off.

    So anyone want to guess what is going on ? From looking at the temperatures and the manual override in the bathroom this is what I would have expected to see at about 7am this morning, almost as if it took a snapshot of the conditions then and has stuck there... If the unit had lost comms with Honeywell the App normally reports that it has lost communication with the servers and I would get an email alert as well - no email alert received, so Honeywell seems to think the unit is still communicating.

    Given the problems some of us have had with the API/Apps getting out of sync with the real state of the system I really have no idea whether all these zones are on at the moment or not and have no way to know until I get home.

    It looks almost as if the clock on the device has stopped at 7am and remained stuck on that part of the schedule - and we have certainly seen reports of stopped clocks on the Evotouch before.

    Changing the system to away mode using the app results in it saying away but the set points don't change to 10C as they should. It's hard to have faith in remote control of Evohome when the remote control has so many issues!

    Anyone else having remote control trouble today ? BTW, my Raspberry Pi which runs my evohome-munin graphing system is not plugged in today as the furniture including TV cabinet where it resides is out of the living room, so I am not polling the API's at all other than trying to use the Honeywell iPhone app.
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