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Thread: Evohome app broken

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    This morning, the app is showing correct temperatures of rooms but not the correct schedule temperature. Overriding the schedule from the app does work and as a schedule change occurs, the app then comes back into sync for that room.

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    I had the same problem with no access via iOS app but funnily enough control via Alexa was working OK. This surprises me as that's an external API 'user' too, just like the app.

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    I'm away from home, but returning this afternoon.

    I logged on the the on-line Windows program to turn the hot water on to get the "Updating your zone settings" message for 8 minutes.

    I then tried the Android app. which once failed to update, but appeared to succeed at the second attempt.

    It is most frustrating:-

    To have no advance notice of pre-planned server downtime - there is no excuse for this

    To have no notice & updates of unplanned server downtime. An email saying sever down, we hope it will be back up in nn minutes, and will advise you when service is restored.

    Not to be able to rely on heating & hot water controls to work 100%


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