Hi All,

Stumbled across this forum its a true wealth of knowledge. I have searched the web for a solution to the following questions but cannot seem to find the answer.

6 months ago I moved into a new property which has a rather complex heating system which are controlled by zone actuator valves which are wired to room zone thermostats. The boiler has single channel drayton timer to control the boiler on and off, then each zone (3) have there own timers aswell, who ever installed it in 1992 seriously over complicated it!

My main question is what smart system can I use to control the zone actuator valves with a wifi smart room stat, but the smart stat can use the existing wiring to the zone actuator valve. As we have an annex which just a room stat which controls a zone actuator valve. But if the boiler is off there is no way to turn the boiler on or boost from this stat. So it can be control remotely and boost the boiler if needed through a smart system. Drayton wiser would have done the job but there room stats wont control a zone actuator valve.

Any help would be much appreciated.