We had an electrician wire in out BDR91 yesterday to run the HR92s on 6 of our 14 rads ( I have another 7 coming as well as T87RF2033 which I thought I might need). The HW is run off the Danfoss timer programmer and is all working fine, however the boiler kept firing up all night and any rads without HR92s on going at full tilt. Eventually I switched the whole thing of via the phone app.
we have an oil fired boiler on a very old system that was getting through 500l of oil a month last year so we are desperately trying to reduce our costs and hoped the evohome would do that, but with some of the rads going all night that seems like it might not be our solution after all.

Unfortunately one of the HR92s keeps being 'blown off' a Drayton RT212 and we dont know why. We also had a fault come up on the controller when we replaced a Drayton TRV4 with and HR92. (It is on a rad in a cover and has a bit of wire coming out of it to a small plastic box - could this be an external thermostat - and could this be what was causing the error)
I've rung Honeywell but the woman wasnt able to help really - she suggested that the heating could all be linked and therefore we would need HR92s on all rads for it to work.

What are your thoughts? And can you offer a solution with these drayton TRVs?

Finally we have just ordered two new towel rails that are being fitted on Thursday - if the system is 'linked' as the Honeywell lady suggested then can we fit HR92s to these? And do I even need this T8&RF2033?