I am about to have fitted a ThermoStore with a Multifuel boiler fitted and an electric boiler backup (I have no gas and cost to install oil is expensive)

I already have a very automated home with Smartthings and various other hubs all linked together and want to make sure my heating is also smart.

I know I can have the radiators controlled by Evo with no issues and a standard kit I assume is configured to turn on the pump for the CH as needed and just expect the Thermal store to be warm.

However can I take this one step further and using the DWH kit monitor the store, control if the CH pump should circulate or not based on the store temp.
Also if I am away for the week ensure the Electric boiler does not heat the store unless the house is below a certain temp or the store is too low(say a dangerous cold level)

If so how would I even wire and set this up. I can't find any documents on the config of EvoHome to understand how I can setup the rules for a zone or boiler. Can single sensors be used on multiple zones? what are the limits.

ANY help on this would be appreciated. especially if before Black Friday finishes to make some savings!