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Thread: Evohome - Use Y87rf instead of TRV?

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    Default Evohome - Use Y87rf instead of TRV?


    I had this working perfectly but since i had to unbind and rebind all of my trvs to fault find it appears to now not be working

    So, i have 9 TRVs - 7 of them use their own temp sensor, 1 uses the evohome controller and the last 1 should be using the Y87rf thermostat as the tRV is pretty much buried next to a fridge

    Ive unbound the trv and re bound to the controller, also unbound and re bound the Y87 to the controller

    I cant remember how i get the Y87 to control the TRV as it was before, its not now as the evohome controller is showing the current temp of the TRV on the rad, the Y87 is 1 degree less current temp and should be firing the boiler

    Any help appreciated


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