Hello all, looking for some intel on this situation. Got the starter kit and want to add Smart Radiator Thermostats (SRT) and I have bought three.
I have to get radiator valves changed in order to fit the Tado SRT as I have really old push fit Myson TRVs in place and the Tados will not screw on. I have to be very careful to choose which ones I change.

I work from home, house is a small terrace with Worcester Combi boiler and I have a main living area downstairs, which also has a woodburner at one end. I was planning to put the smart thermostat in here but at the other end wher the radiator is (old stat is in hallway at present)

Then bedroom and bathroom on next floor and open plan office at top which is only heated by residual heat from downstairs.
Plan was to put SRT on rad in downstairs hallway, and bathroom, and bedroom.
The reasons are, I only ever want the bedroom and bathroom rads on in the early morning and late evening.
The hallway one wants to be on during the day to generally heat the house when I am working upstairs in loft office but not in evening when I am just in living area.

I also want the main living area kept warm but I thought that as the smart stat is in here that would take care of that?
But on Tado website they recommend having an SRT in the same room as the smart thermostat.

"we recommend that you also fit the Smart Radiator Thermostats in the room where the Smart Thermostat is mounted to make sure, that the room does not overheat when other rooms equipped with Smart Radiator Thermostats are calling for heat."

If the SRTs can all individually call for heat regardless of each other or he main stat, then what exactly is the main stat controlling?

So supposing that I install main stat in living area as mentioned but keep my old TRV on the rad in that area.
Then the main stat will keep calling for heat trying to heat that room to temp on the unit, say, 20 degrees regardless? And if the TRV is turned down, then it wont be able to?

The woodburner is not really hot but when its on I wont need as much heat from the rad, which is at the other end of the room.

And if for example the bedroom is wanting heat the system will fire up, and of course hot water will go to bedroom and the main area as well - which does not have SRT - but has old TRV turned up
If then the main stat in that area sees that the temperature is 20 degrees I assume it will then turn heat off. And then what happens in the bedroom which still has not heated up?
I am getting myself, and now probably you confused. It would be easier if I could just pop them on and try by trial and error.
Should I just go with Tado advice?
Thanks for your thoughts and patience with this rambling n00b.