I've been trying to come up with a solution for security alarm/camera for a small office.

Most of the requirements are standard: PIR / Door switches to detect intruders and the ability to make some noise when they are detected.

However, I also think it would make sense to be notified by phone/SMS when the alarms were triggered and be able to check the situation by remote camera.

I haven't had a lot of luck in finding a system that will do all of this at a sensible price - so thought that splitting the two systems (alarm & camera) might be the way to go - even though this seems a bit backwards to me.

I'm considering the Visonic Powemax system for the alarm and just an IP camera to be able to check on things. Does this sound like a sensible/practical solution?

So far I haven't seen how I could easily create a video archive using just an IP camera, so any advice on this, comments on the approach or suggestions of a better solution would be welcome. Sadly budget is a pretty big concern as most of it has already been spent on physical security.