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Thread: EvoHome and existing single-zone wet UFH

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    Talking EvoHome and existing single-zone wet UFH

    Hello all,

    We’ve inherited a system with a single-zone wet UFH system, along with a system boiler supplying standard rads and an unvented hot water setup.

    Am in the process of replacing the ‘dumb’ Honeywell control system to EvoHome. Managed to get the majority cooperating, by adding an ATC928 controller to the existing BDR91 (previously paired to a room thermo), and fitting HR92s to the rads.

    But the wet UFH in the kitchen has me slightly stumped. It acts as an independent zone, and currently has a wired 'ProWarm Siim' (ie generic) thermostat, with the pump nearby.

    My assumption is that I can simply replace the Prowarm with another BDR91, and use the ATC928 / old room thermostat, then integrate it into the rest of the system. If the thermostat is detecting, then actuating the pump / boiler, the BDR91 / thermo combination should be all I need... right?

    Can anyone shed any light on whether this is the case? If so, what’s the correct wiring configuration? If not, where specifically am I being an idiot?

    Pic of the current ProWarm wiring: [RT] [A2] [A1] [N] [L]. The BDR91 has [N] [L] [L] [A] [B] [C]

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    Many thanks and predictably warm feet in advance,

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