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Thread: New Evohome + Opentherm set up, Help needed!

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    Default New Evohome + Opentherm set up, Help needed!

    I really need your help here. I just bought my Evohome set up. I am planning to attach HR92 to almost all the radiators in my house, 16 in all apart from the hallway radiator. I connected my R8810A to the opentherm terminals of my ideal H24 boiler (right beside the weather compensation terminals). It powered the bridged, binded correctly to the controller and TRV (only connected 2 for a start to see if I am doing the right thing), but not calling for heat at all. Is there something I am doing wrong here?

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    1st thing is to long press settings and have a look at system summery to see if it thinks it calling for heat.
    Also check that the R8810A is properly bound.
    and why did you decide not to include your hallway radiator, you could end up with a very hot hall..or at least heating the hall when you don't need to.

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