One of my zones has been calling for 100% heat this morning, despite the room temperature being well below set point. I set all zones to Off over 30 minutes ago but the radiator is still on, with the controller showing 100% heat demand - from this one zone only.

I had the opposite a couple of nights ago. The heating was on and the controller was showing 100% demand from multiple zones, but after nearly an hour, the BDR91 had still not lit up. Eventually I pressed the button (on the BDR91) and it came to life and appeared to behave since.

Nothing has changed on the system - it's been working fairly well for a couple of years. I've checked the lock-catch is closed on the HR92. I'll run the signal tests later but I just wondered if anyone else has seen anything similar?

The only thing that comes to mind is that I did install a Philips Hue bridge and bulbs last week - not sure whether that's a coincidence or if there could be any interference....