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Thread: Honeywell Evohome IOS App seem to have been fixed

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    Default Honeywell Evohome IOS App seem to have been fixed

    After Honeywell admitted that there had been crashing issues with their IOS app in Oct/Nov, this now seems to have been fixed (at least for me).

    May I suggest that Honeywell consider doing the following in future: (as well as communicating with customers when there are known issues!)

    Dear Customer,

    I am pleased to say that we believe that we have fixed the crashing issues with our application, and the new version (vx.y.z) is available for download from he App Store now.

    The issue was with a recent change to our handling of the API, and we apologies for the time that it has taken to remedy this.

    Should you experience any other issues when using v x.y.z or later then please report these using this route (.........).

    Thank you for your patience.


    Honeywell Support.

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    For as long as I have been using Evohome (4 years), their customer communications have been poor. As you rightly point out it is no hardship to contact customers to explain an issue and when it has been addressed but it seems they consider themselves above this and customer service is not important. In addition, whilst the product is fine and I am pleased I installed it, the app is out of date, ugly in appearance and at times slow to use. It badly neeeds refreshing and more facilities adding. I have installed Evohome Security. Again a good product, easy to install and operate, but to access it in the app takes ages. It should be an instant connection. There is no reason for it to be slow other than presumably bad programming. I have other control systems using an app and it is more or less instant access.

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    Well the app on my iPhone hasn't been updated yet the app now seems to work - previously it just crashed out/disappeared when loading it. I'm guessing the issue was with their code at the server end rather than the iOS app?

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