Hi All,

I'm new to the forums and just installed my evohome system last night.

I set the schedules up with 19 as my "comfortable" temperature and 16 as an overnight/empty room temperature. This is comparable to what we had set on the old thermostat, however that was in the hall which it turns out is probably a lot cooler than the rest of the house.

As a result the house felt pretty cold this morning so I've adjusted the schedules to 21 for "comfortable", 18 overnight and 19 for bedrooms during the day that may be used occasionally. This feels a bit high based purely on the numbers but time will tell if this is the right temperature.

My question is, what do you have yours set to and am I just being a softy? Did anyone else have to adjust their expectations when moving to individual room control?

In addition, we have a gro egg thermometer in my daughters room and it seems to show a temperature circa 2 degrees lower than the Hr92 despite only being a metre apart. Which is more likely to be correct?