Hi all,
I have an existing Evohome install that consists of Underfloor heating on the ground floor with an HCC80R, and radiators upstairs with HR92's. Each zone has a T87RF2033 thermostat. We are having an extension built and need to add at least one (possibly 2) underfloor loops. The extension will form a kitchen diner in an orangery (the second loop would be a utility that doesn't really need independent control), and will include an existing underfloor circuit controlled by the existing HCC80R. The existing manifold has no spare ports, and routing back to it would be challenging. My questions are :-

- Presuming we need a new manifold I the extension, do I need to add an additional HCC80R. If so can a single zone be operated from two different HCC80R's. Do I just need power for the HCC80R ?
- Would the HM80 be an option if I am happy for the loops in the new manifold to operate together (and again can I bind a HM80 to the zone that already includes the HCC80R zone)
- Should I push to upgrade the existing manifold, but this would mean a routing challenge to get to the new floor slab)

I am also maxxed out on evohome zones (but I do have two ensuites that don't really need to be independently controlled from the bedrooms as originally installed)

This will all be installed by my builders plumber, but I am not sure he will know about what may be a reasonably exotic setup, and the electrician had only done installs with a wired thermostat.

Any other advice welcomed.