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Thread: Notification on Amazon Echo when circuit energised

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    Default Notification on Amazon Echo when circuit energised

    I would like a notification on my phone and or Amazon Alexa devices when my washing machine has finished its cycle. I do not have any hubs just the Amazon Echo.

    On my washing machine I have an led that lights when the cycle is done, so I would just like an alert when the led is energised.

    What do I need to complete this?

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    Without taking the washing machine apart, I reckon you can do this with a raspberry Pi Zero W, 1 Light Dependant Resistor, 1 resistor and 1 capacitor (and a few wires and soldering skills)
    You'll need a basic knowledge of Raspberry Pi's and a programming language (Python is the most common).

    Make this (randomly pulled from a Google search):

    Firstly, you need to mount the LDR as close to the LED as possible (avoiding ambient-light false-positives)
    When the code tells you the LED is lit, you need to tell your Echo to speak.
    Have a look here: (translate to English).

    I have previously used the LDR sensor in an energy meter (which counted the flashes on an electricity meter) and for a break-beam laser movement sensor, and I actively use the Echo-speak ability for alerts when people approach the house, a treadmill running instruction timer, a drink-water reminder, etc.

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