Hi all,

I'm looking for system recommendations please as I'm looking to convert my current (4 bed detatched, built 2014) heating system to a smart system.
The current system is a two zone heating system (upstairs and downstairs wired stats) plus hot water (s plan plus).

There are nine rooms (two of those have two rads, all others have one rad) that I wish to control individually, the remainder (landing, hallway, w/c and utility room) would have standard TRVs.
There is an automatic bypass fitted after the pump.

Thinking to the future, I'm hoping to extend the house, keeping the same number of rooms but moving to three of the nine rooms having underfloor heating. It's possible that two of the three rooms would need at least two UFH circuits each, given the floor area. So any system recommendation should have the ability to be upgraded to be able to control a UFH and rads mixed system (still with 9 individually control rooms).

Many thanks, have a great Christmas and New Year!