My Lyric T6 has having some strange issue. This morning at 08:20 when the heating schedule switches back to 18c from 22c the boiler should switch off as the house was at 22c. Instead the burner remained turned on with a 60c flow temperature and the radiators were very hot meaning the lyric was asking for a full flow temp. This is full output as my boiler flow temp is limited to 60C.

When I went into the lyrics "opentherm" display parameters by holding the button with 3 lines on it showed that the "control setpoint" was "60C" so the lyric was asking the boiler to provide 60c flow temp even though the heating should have gone off. Usually when the Lyric turns the boiler off the control setpoint drops to "10c". I had to turn the power off to the lyric and then it turned the boiler off once it had restarted. The communication Link is working ok as the Lyric shows under the opentherm what the boilers flow temp etc is.

The same has occured tonight the boiler has come on as normal and modulated through the evening but at 2230 tonight the thermostat has switched from 22c to 18c but the burner has kept going, the lyric is showing in its opentherm settings that it is asking the boiler to provide a 45c flow temp. The house is at 21.5 so the boiler should be off.

Any thoughts?