Hi all,

First post here, but i'd like to thank all of those who have taken the time to explain the intricacies of the evohome system in various posts, especially Richard with his very useful videos.

Anyway to the point of the post...

My heating system consists of a Worcester Greenstar 24ri and a Worcester Greenstore unvented DHW cylinder in a S Plan system.

I have recently installed an Evohome system and hot water package, so am controlling both zone valves via BDR91s, and using the insertion probe.

Please note, I have retained the original duel stat. This has been wired in series with the evohome stat to ensure the duel stat relay must be closed for power to be supplied to the zone valve. Temperature settings are 65 degC on the duel stat and 60 degC on the evohome. This has been tested and functioning, reducing the temperature set point on either stat cuts power to the zone valve.

The system is functioning perfectly and as expected, but I would like to get some advice on the best method to secure the evohome stat in the sensor pocket of my Greenstore cylinder (this model has both an upper and lower sensor pocket). I should say these are dry wells with the Worcester supplied stat controller mounted onto outside of the sensor pocket.

Many thanks in advance,


P.S - so annoyed Worcester doesn't support OpenTherm