I have a Fibaro Lite hub which is long in the tooth and not very programmable.
I also have: Fibaro Dimmer 2, Fibaro 2xswitch modules for lighting, TKB + Aeotech 13A plug switches, Aeotech Gen 5 multisensors and a couple of Fibaro flood sensors.

I'm looking for a new hub...

What would you folks recommend? I expect diverse answers, but I'm interested in any nuggets of info like specific problems with a particular platform or particular plus points.

Many thanks - Tim

So far, the candidates seem to be:

Pi + Home Assistant (keeps it local under my control - but is it "wife friendly"?

Samsung Smarthings - looks polished if all my devices work? (Saw a whine that dimmers broke a while back, eventually fixed)

And Harmony seems to allude to both participating in an existing ZWave network - but can it also take sole control of devices and be the ZWave master?

Use cases:

Must have good iPad and Android app (native or 3rd party)

Must have website based control (local preferred over portal, but I will consider portal only solutions)

Should have good scene programming. The Fibaro Lite "block scenes" are very limited and tedious to set up. Equally, whilst I could write everything in perl talking to a RESTful endpoint, I don't really want to get that raw Although plus points for an API endpoint in addition to native competent scenes.