This is more of a curiosity than exactly an 'issue'.

What is the simplest / quickest way for me to start monitoring temperature / boiler usage? I don't particularly want to spend days messing with Python and Rasberry Pi's. I have a constantly on iMac and a MacBook I can hijack. I don't care about output formats and nice graphs or live updates, simple CSV would do the job perfectly well. By profession I'm a software guy, nearly all C++ on PCs, but beyond the stage of wanting to take work home with me. I just want something that works (I could even probably monitor off-site from one of my work PCs ).

The 'non-issue' I'm having is that it seems no matter what I do to optimise my schedules, I use exactly the same amount of gas every day. The meter goes on 15 units. Has done since I started tinkering at the end of December. In fact, thinking about it, it has done since first using the system at the beginning of December when we didn't even have any HR92s fitted.

I've reduced some room temperatures / time ranges. I've reduced hot water heating schedules and the tank temperature (no, not unsafely). No matter what I do, when I go to the meter the next day in the hope of having maybe reduced usage... it laughs in my face and says 15 more gone.

This might be great, as we moved into the house and replaced the heating system from an ancient stinky oil boiler so have no idea what it would have cost to heat with a 'normal' system but I would love to know why, no matter what adjustments I make, the gas requirement is remaining constant.

The system consists of:
30kW Worcester CDi Classic
CenterStore 210l unvented tank
S-Plan with 2xBDR91 for HW and CH zones
16 HR92s in 9 zones
4 hallway radiators with standard TRVs set quite low to keep common areas well balanced
1 towel radiator, no TRV.

I don't use the 'optimise' feature of the EvoHome because most of the time I don't care if it gets a room up to temperature precisely at a set time. If I have a set point of 20 degrees at 6pm and the room was already quite warm, it might make it to 20 at 6:10, on another day it may make 20 at 6:20. This doesn't bother me. Is there any other benefit to optimize? Seems a lot of work to re-jig the start times of all my schedules for all my zones for not much difference

I figured monitoring is probably the only way to understand it but I'm open to any other tips of course!