Hi all,

I've read the forums as well as I can but I'm a bit of a newbie at this and I would really appreciate some pointers.

I'm doing a house refurbishment with a new extension. 1920s construction, internal insulation of external walls on the old bit with normal radiators everywhere apart from one cast iron reclaimed rad and two sections which have tiles where I'm having electric underfloor heating, new extension brick and blockwork with underfloor everywhere. It'll be quite sizeable (6 bedrooms and 4 reception rooms plus an entrance hall). I have some questions which I'd be super grateful for help with.

Electric underfloor:

In the family bathroom I'm also having a water towel rad which I was planning on having an HR92 to control the towel warmth and general room warmth. the idea of the electric underfloor is to have warm tiles but not really for the whole room. Can I connect the electric underfloor to my system easily? Can I group it in some easy way with the TRV? any other considerations?

In the garden room, which is to be tiled, I'm having electric underfloor and it has an open archway to the garden room which has a radiator and hr92. again, can I control all with evohome and can they link somehow?

Finally, I was considering putting it in the entrance hall which is of course continuous with the landing and the stairs. there are rads up and downstairs. can I use it in some way just to have a nice warm floor for coming home?

Cast iron rad:

I'm assured that the TRV will work with it. if it didn't, can you have a rad with a manual try in an evohome system. doesn't that mean heat would have to be running the whole time whereas if all the TRVs were off and all electric the boiler would know to switch off. sorry I'm totally clueless about this!!!

Wet underfloor system:

If I'm having a system boiler with two 200litre tanks, which bits do I need? do I need 2 hot water controllers? Also, should I ask for opentherm or is that irrelevant with hot water tanks?

finally, the boiler and tanks are going to be in the garage and because the place will be quite big when finished, I'm wondering if signal will be good enough all over the house. does it piggy back on normal wifi? I'll have two controllers because more than 12 zones, do they repeat and mesh in some way?

finally, finally, the system seems quite old now, are we due an upgrade and should I wait a few months before taking the plunge?

thanks so so much!!!