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Thread: Anybody considering the Harmony 890/895 remote ?

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    Default Anybody considering the Harmony 890/895 remote ?

    Hi all,

    I'm a beginner to the HA world but have my 'happy' set up with a few X-10 units and the Logitech H680 remote control, with the IR6243 combined IR /RF received.

    Following recent news over at, I understand that logitech will soon be issuing a combined IR and RF remote which is Z-Wave compatible. The US version will be the 890, whilst the UKversion (with the teletext coded buttons) is the 895.

    I'm just wondering how you existing Z-Wave users control your devices. Do you use the standard Z-Wave remote or a programmable one ?

    Is this considered the latest Z-Wave must have ?

    (For a cool demo on the remote, check out :

    As you may have guessed, I am considering the jump to Z-Wave, but looking for a single solution remote control and Media Center app to control my devices.

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    Default Re: Anybody considering the Harmony 890/895 remote ?

    Mr. Estate...

    Stop hi-jacking my thread.

    This is a UK forum, so I hardly think we'll be clicking into your US real estate links.

    (Previous post deleted by Moderator).

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