Hi everyone

I've had the ageing boiler replaced and UFH installed and wondering what the options are, hoping the expertise here will get me going in the right direction!

I have:
-Vaillant 630
-3 x Nest Gen 3
-2 UFH zones - there are 7 actuators split amongst the two zones.
-Upstairs is traditional rads and hot water from an unvented cylinder (Joule) controlled by the third Nest

My understanding is this is what I need to do:
-Order VR33 from Holland
-Install VR33, disconnect the 240v from the Nest Healink to the boiler and connect the OpenTherm link somehow (happy to be corrected)

Does the Heatlink still control the actuators over 240v?
I don't have new TRVs yet on the old radiators upstairs, do I have options to allow Nest to control each one? Not sure I do to be honest